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Who We Are?

Foshan Rockpearl Building Materials Co., Ltd is located in Foshan,China , which was founded in 2011  .our factory is an environmentally friendly integrated decoration material enterprise integrating R&D, production, design and sales. The main products include WPC wall panels, bamboo charcoal wall panels ect.

Our factory is covering more than 5000 square meter and has a number of full automated production lines and  with the high quality products,we have owe design team to satisfy our customer different requirements.Also with high standard on the quality control .

Our company  would be proud to know that we have cooperated customers from more than 30 countries who reply upon our products and service. We strive to supply great products and insist our core value- to be a reliable Chinese supplier in home decor materials!


Carbon Crystal Wall Panels  is a material with good temperature stability and noise reduction. It can not only effectively protect the building wall, but also has a unique decorative effect, covering the original uneven stone wall on the back of the wainscoting.

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The surface of Bamboo Charcoal Wall Board has been processed to imitate solid wood, imitate stone, imitate ceramic tile, imitate wallpaper, etc. It has the advantages of light weight, fire prevention, moth resistance, low cost, and obvious decorative effect. It is relatively widely used in tooling.

Carbon crystal  wall board is based on natural bamboo powder, calcium powder and new polymer composite materials to ensure that the product itself is environmentally friendly.

Carbon crystal  wall panels have a wide range of application scenarios due to their various characteristics and advantages.

Some potential application scenarios include: Residential Construction: These wall panels can be used in homes and apartments to increase the energy efficiency of buildings

 Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities can benefit from the insulating properties of these panels.

Hospitality industry: Hotels, resorts and other hospitality establishments can benefit from the use of carbon crystal ecological integrated wall panels

Public space: This type of wall panel can be used in various public spaces such as museums, libraries, exhibition halls, etc.,

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Carbon Crystal Wall Panels come in a variety of designs, colors and sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect panel to complement your interior. In conclusion, carbon crystal wall panels are a game changer in the field of interior design. With advanced technology, energy efficiency and customizable options, these panels offer style and substance to enhance any space they adorn. Switch to carbon crystal wall panels and transform your living environment into a haven of comfort, efficiency and elegance.

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FLEXIBIRD has a rich experienced AI and professional PS design team, our team design more than 100 different styles and select only 10-20 best design to test market every month, so our client will have new design in their list, never worry about lack of new things.