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As a celebrity in the decoration industry in recent years, carbon crystal panel is a material made from natural bamboo powder, calcium powder, new polymer composite materials, carbon crystal powder, PVC powder and other materials, using special processes and preparation techniques. .

There are indeed many advantages:

The production process of  carbon crystal panel has been treated with special processes such as high temperature and high pressure. The texture and texture are similar to marble. They have high gloss, high hardness, wear and scratch resistance, not easy to deform, moisture-proof, self-purification ability and strong penetrating ability. Environmentally friendly materials, product packaging No need to paint afterwards, easy to take care of, no formaldehyde worries…

However,  carbon crystal panel are different from marble, and the price is less than 1/10 of marble. The blanks are directly constructed, and there is no need to putty or whitewash them. Snap-on installation is convenient and fast, saving at least half the construction period compared with traditional decoration.

Carbon crystal panels have many color options: wood grain, fabric, pattern, marble pattern, relief, 3D, solid color, etc.; according to different choices, it can be matched with a variety of styles: Chinese style, European style, French style, light luxury style, extreme style Simple style, exquisite, elegant and fashionable.

Are the above advantages enough to make you excited and ready to take action?


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Post time: Oct-30-2023