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Fashion Design Irregular Fashion Design Fish Scale Aluminum Mosaic with Inkjet Printing

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Product Introduction

Mosaic is flexible and highly decorative, and using it to pave the background wall has an unparalleled visual impact. Its colorful patterns not only give people a visual impact and beauty, but also endow the space with a new three-dimensional sense. The surface of the mosaic has metallic luster and texture, and it is unique in shape and novel in design.


1. The cost price is relatively cheap.

2. The radioactivity is very small, and it is safe to use.

3. Its material characteristics are easy to use and process.


The design of the living room reflects the simple decoration style, taking the form of mosaic colors colliding, and integrating it into the design of the TV wall. Dignified and unrestrained, restrained but smooth. According to the designer, the most unique feature of this design is the wonderful use of mosaics, which breaks the traditional specific model and fully displays the Marseille ornaments. The extension of dark walnut wood lines embodies the space and material in a flexible and natural way. Chinese wood lattice treatment shows the owner Boguxi. At the same time, it creates visual penetration and a sense of lightness, and partitions and divides the functions to be used reasonably. And the perfect combination of mosaic and modern style is the way of expressing the life of art.

Product name: Inkjet  Printing Mosaic tile
Size: 300x300mm
Color: Orange
Materials: Aluminum
Packing: 14 pcs in a netural carton box


1. Can I customize the product design?
Yes, we take OEM and ODM orders. Just send us pictures or samples, we delivery the products for you.

2. Can you find anything for me?
Yes, we have strong partnerships with our partners in other industries: furniture, lamp, smart toilet, etc. You name it and we find quality bargains for you. We also support one-stop indoor decoration service.

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