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Hot Sale Inkjet Printing Aluminum Mosaic For Home Decoration

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Our company located in the " China Ceramic Capital" - Foshan City, is a modern enterprise specializing in producing all types of mosaic.

We respect client’s Benefits and focus on customer service. We have cultivated a large quantity of excellent sales and service staffs. Dedicated to setting up an " Any time, any where, and any situation" Service system. We wants every customer to enjoy our professional, sincere and circumspect service.

Product Introduction

Mosaic is flexible and highly decorative, and using it to pave the background wall has an unparalleled visual impact. Its colorful patterns not only give people a visual impact and beauty, but also endow the space with a new three-dimensional sense.In the design and construction, if the matching purple light, energy-saving lamp and fluorescent lamp are used for targeted irradiation, it can reflect the quietness and profoundness of the product, adding mysterious color and infinite romance to the wall.


1. Extremely hard-wearing.

2. Sustainable decorating option.

3. Can be applied to any interior wall.


Personalized decoration is best at changing mosaics, small figures, changeable specifications, rich colors, and arbitrary collocations. For glass mosaics, glass mosaics can be used to the fullest, and it can be mixed with other types of mosaics, such as Mix and match with Symphony (Pearl Light) Glass Mosaic, Venus Line Glass Mosaic, Cloud Glass Mosaic, etc. Formally, because there are too many combinations, all can satisfy their own style and personality according to the designer's creativity And all the ideas that I love, let the satisfaction in my heart arise spontaneously.

Product name: Inkjet  Printing Mosaic tile
Size: 315x300mm
Color: Gold mixed white
Materials: Aluminum
Packing: 14 pcs in a netural carton box


1. How can we confirm the product quality?
We provide HD pictures of the product, and send free sample to you by air.

2. What if I only need a small amount of the product?
We are happy to take small orders, and we can offer you other items such as sanitaryware, basins, tubs, lamps, to make it possible.

3. Is there a door-to-door delivery service?
Yes, the goods will be delivered to your specified port.
Widely professional exporting experience all over the world.

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