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1. Neat specifications: When purchasing, pay attention to whether the particles are of the same size and size, whether the edges of each small particle are neat, and place the single mosaic on a level ground to check whether it is flat, and whether there is too thick a latex layer on the back of the single mosaic .

 2. Rigorous workmanship: first touch the glazed surface, you can feel its anti-skid degree; then look at the thickness, the thickness determines the density, the higher the density is, the lower the water absorption rate is; the last is to look at the texture, the glaze in the middle of the inner layer is usually a good quality mosaic tile .

 3. Low water absorption rate: This is the key to ensure the durability of the mosaic, so the water absorption rate must also be checked, and the water drop to the back of the mosaic, the quality of the water droplets overflowing is good, and the quality of penetrating downward is poor.


mosaic tiles



Post time: Mar-20-2023