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Oriunilex PEEL AND STICK KITCHEN WALL TILES - Made of safe&natural materials,heavy-metal free, formaldehyde free.It's light and solid, easy to install and clean off, resists heat and moisture.

This lightweight, easy-to-peel and paste stone Mosaic tile provides an elegant and modern look for any space with high quality, stone placed on adhesive pad material making installation even simpler and easier!


Each skin tile has a white substrate that, once peeled off, exposes a sticky layer that can stick to almost any surface as long as it is cleaned, stripped and glued.


Light subtly reflects off the smooth chip, while the porous chip appears to be more matte and has crystalline characteristics.

This leather patch Mosaic is suitable for interior walls and can be used in dry and semi-humid areas


This veneer tile does not require grouting, all you need is a lightweight cleaner and a wet saw, recommended for stone or scissors, and if cutting is necessary then peel and paste.

Suitable for interior walls such as bathroom walls and kitchen backsplash.

Waterproof, heat resistant, moistureproof, environmental protection - CE certification, no heavy metal, no formaldehyde, not easy to change color within 3-5 years. Tolerates 176°F and -40°F.


Slightly above the "grout" line, these stripped and pasted backsplash tiles are an inexpensive way to update your kitchen for a chic and modern look!  With sizes and microtextured tiles that look like the real thing and designs like classic subway tiles or a set of marble options, upscale kitchens are right at your fingertips without the expensive cost.


DIY cut and splice to decorate your home according to your own ideas! Easy to cut and install, just peel and paste! No grout, no glue, no mess, no special tools and no experience needed.

Easy to clean and remove - Adhesive tiles with gelatinous surfaces allow you to easily clean tiles, remove stains and avoid the trouble of cleaning dust and dirt in the crevices of traditional tiles. If necessary, use a hair dryer to scrape off the tiles without damaging the walls.

Post time: Feb-21-2022