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For homeowners who want to create a high-end minimalist style home, they may choose glass mosaics. This kind of glass mosaic with a certain amount of binder, because it contains certain air bubbles and metal particles, can create a brighter effect visually. It will not look too tacky under the background of the mosaic, and it is matched with simple and fashionable furniture. It can form a perfect effect of echoing each other, and under the illumination of the light, it has a flickering light.


Second, it is also a good choice to make the family bathroom a dreamy mood. This can be achieved by fused glass mosaics. Due to the addition of silicate and other materials, it forms a unique shape under the action of high temperature, and it has a sense of bubbles, showing a colorful feeling, which makes the whole space full of vitality, and is more suitable for the decoration of modern furniture.


The acceptance of mosaic use has improved, and the market has great potential for expansion!

The rise of mosaic lies in the fact that it has the characteristics of giving people creative space. It has a small area and rich materials. It can form different patterns, and it is very creative for design. With the development of science and technology, mosaics have undergone modern craftsmanship, and there have been obvious changes in texture, such as glass, natural stone, porcelain, glazed, pure gold, metal, etc. And so on; and the color is also brilliant and colorful.

Mosaic is quietly "revival". In some cases, tiles and carpets are no longer laid under the coffee table in the living room, but various colors of Marseille are used, which are assembled according to well-designed patterns; in some cases, the entire bathroom is veneered with deep and light blue mosaics, which is both elegant and refreshing, and full of changes; Others use a row of mosaic combinations of different colors as a waistline to become an interesting highlight of the kitchen. Alloy windows are simply installed on the balcony, which is a bit blunt. Mosaic is used as a small decoration to be embedded in the joint, which is both beautiful and overcomes the drawbacks of scratching. Mosaic, as one of the oldest decorative arts, is deeply loved by those who decorate retro ideas.


Post time: Feb-21-2022