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Swimming pool is an essential accessory for hotels, community clubs and even villas. It not only allows people to relax, but also an excellent choice for exercising. As one of the oldest building materials, mosaic is widely used in modern decoration, especially in swimming pools.

Mosaic tile  can use its natural colorful colors to change patterns with different styles. At the same time, the changing and agile water also endows the mosaic with new vitality, making it exude a unique charm in the rich light and shadow changes.
Today, let’s enjoy several swimming pools made of Oceano mosaics, and feel the unique charm of mosaics in the water.
Put the flower-themed mosaic pattern in the swimming pool, the pool water is rippling, and the petals and leaves are floating. This kind of smart and natural pure enjoyment gives people the feeling of being in the outdoors, making every time you play in the water a journey of nature.

Integrating the pattern of peacock feathers into the mosaic, under the swimming pool by the sea, it looks like the eyes of a fish, vivid and interesting.

The beautiful, elegant and natural spiral pattern elements are beautiful and exquisite, exuding a charming romantic atmosphere, accompanied by the sound of rushing water, making people immersed in the mind and body in the gentle water mist, as if they are in nature.

The swimming pool has simple color matching, simple pattern design, and white line mosaic embellishment. Under the light, it glitters like fish scales, looks gorgeous and noble, and demonstrates the extraordinary taste of the owner.

swimming pool mosaic tile


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Post time: Apr-04-2023