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Flexibird easy install waterproof flame retardant kitchen 3d wall tile sticker wallpaper

Short Description:

Flexibird PEEL AND STICK KITCHEN WALL TILES – Made of safe&natural materials,heavy-metal free, formaldehyde free.It’s light and solid, easy to install and clean off, resists heat and moisture.

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Model Number: OLT-CA1201 Brand Name: Flexibird
Warranty: 24 months Usage: Household
Application: Kitchen,Interior Wall Decortion Design Style: Modern
Design: Customized Size: 12*12
Thickness: 2.5mm Type: Modern

Application area

Bathroom sink backsplash, kitchen sink backsplash, bookshelves, sink backsplash area, mirror frames, table tops and anything else you want to decorate.

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Instructions For Use

Step 1: Clean the walls
Before starting construction, ensure that the walls are dry and dust-free.

Step 2: Measure the area to be covered
Using chalk lines or horizontal lines, create at least one vertical and one horizontal guide to guide the placement of the Tiles.

Step 3: Cut tiles
If required, cut the tiles to fit corners or exits

Cut straight edges: You can use a box cutter to create a crack on the surface of a tile and snap it off.

Basic tools such as tin cups, X-Acto knives or hand saws can easily cut tiles.

Step 4: Peel and paste
Peel off the film on both sides of ceramic tile. Use your guide wire to gently attach the tiles to the wall and then lock them together. Do not apply pressure to the tile until the placement is determined.

Applicable Wall &Unsuitable Wall:


How about our factory?

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We provide our customers with the best service. When you purchase, you will receive a 12 month warranty, we provide replacement or refund service for our quality problems!


Q:Can we have the custom size? and what we can change?
If the customer's demands meets a certain amount, it can be customized according to customer needs and you can change the length,the width and weight(thickness) ,even the pattern of the wallpaper.

Q:How do you wrap wallpapers?
Customized size : According to customer requirements

Q: Do you provide free samples?
Yes, we offer free samples. You can select the items which you like on our website and send us. And you need to pay only for delivery.

Q: What kind of wallpaper do you have?
1.PVC(Vinyl) wallpaper
2.3D Wall Sticker(XPE wall stickers/PU tile wall stickers/Mirror wall sticker/kitchen PET oil proof wallstickers and etc. )

Q:How to keep the life of wallpaper for a long time?
If there are conditions before pasting, you can brush a base film first which will help extend the life of the wallpaper.

Q: What should I pay attention to in wallpaper construction?
(1) The wall surface is kept clean and has no obvious powdery feeling.
(2) Printing wallpaper connection processing, pay attention to find the same pattern connection.
(3) Special treatment at special locations. The special position refers to the power switch on the wall or something that cannot be moved. You can cover the wall with the wallpaper first, then flatten it with a wooden handle brush, and then use the utility knife to draw a diagonal cross on it. Line, use a small scraper to hold the edge of the switch, then use a utility knife to remove the excess.

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