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Vinyl Plank Flooring Waterproof Foam Back SPC Rigid Core Wood Grain Finish LVT Flooring Tile

Short Description:

Product Model: PLE-079OK

Available sizes:




7.25”X 60”(184*1570mm)

9”X 60”(228*1570mm)

For more other sizes,pls contact us.

Available Wear Layer: 0.15mm/0.2mm/0.3mm/0.5mm/0.7mm

Advantages: Stain-resistant, anti-fading, anti-scratch, water resistant,sound absorbing……

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The main raw materials of SPC flooring are polyvinyl chloride and stone powder. Polyvinyl chloride is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource at room temperature. Stone powder is a natural material with 0 formaldehyde, which is more environmentally .The difference between SPC and LVT(PVC) flooring is that SPC is waterproof, so it can be laid over most subfloors with little preparation. A typical traditional vinyl floor has flexibility that will show any unevenness in the subfloor. The rigid core of SPC flooring allows for longer and wider format options. Additionally, you do not need to worry as much about preparation of for use over cracks or divots in subfloors.

There are many advantages of SPC flooring, such as it has good stain resistance, antibacterial,property,Resistance to burning and environmental.The lines are vivid and the colors are gorgeous, it’s a good choice for indoor or outdoor use,you can use as home gym flooring ,dance flooring, exercise flooring ,basement flooring,balcony flooring  etc.

Main Features:

1.The wood grain floor brings a more comfortable feeling to your home through its natural texture and color. Made of high-quality material, environmental protection and safety.

2.Scratch Resistance and Waterproof: 20 mil wear layer and IXPE attached underlayment greatly enhance the wear resistance and scratch resistance of the floor. Daily cleaning and common household water spills will not damage the flooring.

3.Easy to install: It can be installed in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, entrance, corridor or other places with high traffic place.

4. Super easy to clean and maintain, our floor planks can be easily wiped clean using a mop or wet cloth; easily peeled off with no glue residues or odors left.

5.Superior Property - Rigid surface and hard core, 100% waterproof, fire proof, wear resistant, scratch and abrasion resistant, high strength, no expansion, stable.


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