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Modern Heat Resistant Decorative Interior Bathroom Aluminum Wall Mosaic With Inkjet Printing

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All products are sold directly from the factory to meet your needs with the most favorable price and shortest production time. It is very firm under the condition of correct paving, and all products can be customized with patterns according to your requirements.


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Mosaic is small in size, good at change, and can adapt to surface paving with different arcs. It is rich in color patterns and bright in color. Bathrooms and kitchens can show the owner's life orientation and value. Mosaic is not sloppy at all, and it can fully let you perform well. For example, the mosaic of two colors is used as a whole, and the contrast is paved, and the effect can be eye-catching.


1. light bulk density, strong adhesion.

2. Flexible paving.

3. Waterproof and moisture-proof.

4. Patterns and colors are diversified, and pattern customization is supported.


Mosaic is characterized by relatively large color changes, basically all color systems can cover the entire spectrum. The advantages of mosaic are obvious: the texture is light, not easy to break, and can bring unique decorative effects. Mosaic has rich colors, good water-proof, and various combinations, which can bring different styles to the bathroom, so it is favored by many decorators.

Bathroom interior. 3D illustration
Product name: Inkjet  Printing Mosaic tile
Size: 335x290mm
Color: White mixed blue
Materials: Aluminum
Packing: 11 pcs in a netural carton box


1. Do you have a minimum order quantity?
We keep little inventory for the products we promote.
We do have a MOQ requirement to start the production.
The MOQ varies by the craft and machinery.
Normally, it is around 0.5 pallet or 1 pallet per item.
Please feel free to contact our sale team to check more information.

2. What is your quality and quality assurance?
Our products are manufactured in compliance with the strict quality standards in the industry. In other words, we keep a top quality level in the industry. Please feel free to ask us for samples or visit our factory to check our product quality.We are committed to continously improve our product quality and responsible for any quality problems. We provide free replacement or refund for any shipments with quality problems.

3. Can you offer me a forwarder of shipping company?
No problem.We have cooperated agent of shipping for long time.Please kindly tell your destination port and we will offer you the detail information.

4. Can you send me samples? Are they free?
Yes, we'd love to. They are free of charge . However, we don't provide free shipping. The international shipping cost will be borne at your side.

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