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Suitable For Bathroom Accessories Inkjet Printing Stone Mosaic Tiles Wall Decoration

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Stone Mosaic Tiles is Natural Marble stone .It is easy to clean and maintain .they are stain and Moisture resistant and very Durable . Inkjet Printing Marble Stone Mosaic Tiles can printing any pattern you want.

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Our products are factory direct sales, after careful selection, to ensure the size standard, high quality, and use low cost to meet your needs. The beauty of nature, the patterns and colors of natural stones are different.


Product Introduction

There are many types of UV printing mosaic patterns, such as: square, basket weave, mini brick, modern brick, herringbone, subway, hexagon, octagon, mixed, big fan, penny circle, hand cut, random strip, river stone, 3D arc Shape, windmill, diamond, bubble round, round bubble, stacked, etc.Bathrooms and kitchens can show the owner's life orientation and value. Mosaic is not sloppy at all, and it can fully let you perform well. For example, the mosaic of two colors is used as a whole, and the contrast is paved, and the effect can be eye-catching.


1. High temperature resistance, can be used in a wide range of areas.

2. Flexible paving.

3. No discoloration, no dust accumulation.

4. easy to clean.


In people's impressions, mosaics are generally used in bathroom or kitchen tiles, but in the decoration design in recent years, mosaics have become the darling of the decoration industry. No matter what style or environment, mosaic can be perfect. It can even make the space more stylish. So it is favored by many decorators.

Product name: Inkjet  Printing Mosaic tile
Size: 300x300mm
Color: Diverse colors
Materials: Stone
Packing: 11 pcs in a netural carton box


1. Can you make customized carton box with my own logo?
Yes, we accept both OEM & ODM order. You should issue an authorized
letter to allow us to print your logo on the carton box and other packages.

2. Can you accept custom made according my design and material request?
Yes, we accept custom made.

3. Can I purchase raw materials and delivery to your factory and you do carving for us?
Yes, no problem.

4. How to ship sample?
The sample will be delivered by DHL, UPS, FeDEX, etc。

5. If I have other products need to send to your factory to loading in same container, can you help us?
Yes. We have rich experience in loading container, specially stone carving products are fragile need to be very careful during loading. We can help you.

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